Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Season's Begun

Me, Cassidy, Hannah, and Sean went boarding on saturday and it was so good to finally feel the snow flying under my feet again. It's such a good feeling to finally be back on the mountain. This is my first year having a season pass and it's amazing.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Back to Africa

On Saturday, Cassidy, Ruby and I took the most amazing trip to the zoo in Salt Lake. When given the choice between snowbowrding with Dad and Grace, going to a baby shower with Mom, or going to the zoo with Jerry, the answer was very clear and given with a huge grin, " a go to da zoo wid Jerry".
Ruby was so well behaved on the trip, we were all very impressed. She slowly got comfortable riding on my shoulders and spent most of the time gauging her fingers into my eyes. When Sarah saw this picture she laughed so hard and said " I'm totally blogging that!" I guess I beat her to it.
Sarah says I look like Dashboard in this picture. Freakin Sweet.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Swim in it

I am constantly blessed with the privilege to swim in the nostalgic memories of an amazing summer in Alaska. Although those present in this picture would argue that I was miserably cold during our swim across this lake, this was one of the most amazing memories I have of Alaska. Massive logs tangled along the shore of Perseverance Lake making a maze of balance beams that we followed until we came to the tips of the logs, where we proceeded to push each other into the cool water. I left my flip flops floating by the logs where I jumped in. Slicing our hands into the glassy water, we made our way to the other side, occasionally turning around to catch a last glimpse of the sun as it disappeared behind the mountains. I've never been anywhere like this in my life. We had not a single care as far as the mind could reach.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Learning to walk again

Sarah got a trial version of photoshop on her computer so I've spent the last two days playing with it and learning the basics. It is really like learning to walk again. I'm fairly confident this will help me in my business ventures as a photographer. Check out some other photos on my website link to the right.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Great Wall of China

We decided that, given both our current financial status, the only hope was to go as budget as possible on the ping pong table. It turned out to be a great success and me and jake played for about three hours. The total cost for the materials and construction of the table: $0 (thanks to our persistence with the late night crew at lowe's). Particle board, some string, some staples, and two stools from the upstairs. BAM!! The best zero dollars I ever spent.
We call the net the Great Wall of China.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Soldiers of UTAWW!

I graduated from a special military training camp. This is my graduation photo.
My favorite gun. 12 guage shotgun

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Taking the ladies for a ride on my chopper.
I got back from Alaska a week ago and I'm chillin with the Smylies. Sarah is really stoked to finally have my camera back in town. Jake is stoked to have someone to play Black with.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Dude Gideon, check it. I couldn't get this picture till I came back to utah, but here it is. Black ops. Me and Jake finished it before I went to alaska in April. We're so hard core.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

After 3 months of not attending church in Alaska, I just got to take the sacrament while sitting in church with my family. Such a peaceful feeling. I have reached the end of the longest spiritual draught of my life.
Naomi, Bethany, Isaac and I spent the entire day together friday, including a trip to the plaza, los bagels, skimming at moonstone beach, Patricks Point. There is such a strong feeling of nostalgia that makes me long so bad to be a child again. I paused the other night outside while leaving Grampa Dee's house and as the distinct scent of redwood filled the air, it caused every feeling and memory of my entire childhood to surge through me. My head swelled and I froze. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. I know it's not good to cling to your past, but I stayed in that spot for as long as akwardness allowed and wished so bad that it would never end. I was, for those few moments, back at grampa's house on the fourth of july with hannah, zack and daniel, spending the endless days listening to music, running through the woods, swinging from the huge rope swings. I realized that my childhood was amazing.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Great Success!

These are a few un-edited pictures from the wedding. The view was amazing.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Eureka for the weekend

Moonstone Beach on an amazing day. Isaac is such a stud. He will be the best Medley skimmer in no time.

Patrick's Point with the clan.

I freaking live here.

Almost over

I can't believe I'm here

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Me after a long day at work.

More adventures

On the fourth of july we had a freestyle matress jumping competition. Amazing.

We climbed halfway up Deer mountain to watch the sunrise. It rises at 2:30 am so we had to start at midnight. from the left Marc, Allison, Tyleen, Cassidy, me.

We went fishing and cauld a bunch of rock cod and halibut. we caught enough fish to feed us for the rest of the summer.

We got to go kayaking for free. So cool.

Os tres amigos

Gideon, this is our attempt at the Mo face.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Last weekend I decided to take a solo bike trip. Armed with the bike, a tent, and a few granola bars, I made the voyage north ending in a small norwegian town called Petersburg. The trip would include 115 miles of bike riding spanning two islands and a series of ferry rides between the islands. I made the entire voyage alone. It took two and a half days.

The Inter-Island Ferry Authority is where I began my voyage. Once I rode my bike the 90 miles across the Prince of Whales Island, I rode the ship "Stakine" to the south end of the Mitkof Island.

Sometimes the unexplained can define you

The Prince of Whales Island is the largest in Southeast Alaska. It provides some magnificent landscapes. This is the longest uphill stretch on my trip.

This was by far the most horrifying moment of my journey. With about 30 miles left to coffman cove, time was running short and it started raining.

One mile at a time

I think I liked Mitkof island better than Prince of Whales because it was greener and flatter.

This was by far the most intense moment of my trip. The Devil's Thumb is in the Stakine Mountains. It summits at 10,000 feet and has been attempted only by very seasoned winter mountaneers. Though the Peak is visible from Petersburg, this was the only time the clouds parted enough and expose the majestic ridge. I looked forward to this moment for 2 days.

My journey ended in Petersburg, an amazing norwegian town, backed by the massive Stakine Mountain Range. The grueling two day journey was well worth seeing one of the most amazing cities I've ever seen.