Thursday, July 26, 2007

Last weekend I decided to take a solo bike trip. Armed with the bike, a tent, and a few granola bars, I made the voyage north ending in a small norwegian town called Petersburg. The trip would include 115 miles of bike riding spanning two islands and a series of ferry rides between the islands. I made the entire voyage alone. It took two and a half days.

The Inter-Island Ferry Authority is where I began my voyage. Once I rode my bike the 90 miles across the Prince of Whales Island, I rode the ship "Stakine" to the south end of the Mitkof Island.

Sometimes the unexplained can define you

The Prince of Whales Island is the largest in Southeast Alaska. It provides some magnificent landscapes. This is the longest uphill stretch on my trip.

This was by far the most horrifying moment of my journey. With about 30 miles left to coffman cove, time was running short and it started raining.

One mile at a time

I think I liked Mitkof island better than Prince of Whales because it was greener and flatter.

This was by far the most intense moment of my trip. The Devil's Thumb is in the Stakine Mountains. It summits at 10,000 feet and has been attempted only by very seasoned winter mountaneers. Though the Peak is visible from Petersburg, this was the only time the clouds parted enough and expose the majestic ridge. I looked forward to this moment for 2 days.

My journey ended in Petersburg, an amazing norwegian town, backed by the massive Stakine Mountain Range. The grueling two day journey was well worth seeing one of the most amazing cities I've ever seen.