Saturday, August 30, 2008

Cannot Be Hid

In 1998, after more than 25 years of war ravaged the country of Mozambique, two South African missionaries ventured across the border into a land that had never before been trodden by bearers of the True Gospel. A small branch was organized in the capital city, Maputo. Not long after, another branch was organized in a suburb called Matola, situated just to the south of Maputo. In the year 2000, a 16 year-old girl was walking home as she passed a house with a sign on the front, "A igreja de Jesus Cristo dos Santos dos Ultimos Dias". She had never seen or heard of this church before. Hearing the sound of young people coming from inside, she decided to find out what it was all about. A youth Family Home Evening activity was in full swing and she introduced herself to the missionaries, two americans. There was a video playing on a small television. She was intrigued by the video and continued to watch. Her heart skipped as the video showed an enormous, beautiful edifice, similar to a castle. The building was rectangular, with three huge spires at either end. At the top of one of the spires stood a golden statue playing a trumpet. She had no idea where the building was, but was overcome with a desire to become more familiar with its meaning. When the activity was over, she quickly approached the missionaries and said, "that building, I will go to it and I will see it, and be married in it." The missionaries found it humorous, and in an attempt to bring her back to reality, explained that the building is in America, Salt Lake City, the other side of the world. A place where few, if any Mozambicans have ever travelled. She took pride in being called crazy, and for setting such a lofty goal. In that same year she was baptized and became one of the strongest members of the church in Mozambique.

Eight years later (three days ago), I passed through the gates onto Temple Square, at the side of this same young girl, now 24 years old, who could hardly contain herself from excitement. She had finally arrived to see this same beautiful building she had seen in a church video so many years before. As she approached the temple, she could do nothing but gaze straight up at its enormity. With tears in her eyes, she reached out and touched the roughly chiseled granite. As she stood there touching the granite, I could feel the presence and the happiness of those who sacrificed so much to give us this wonderful temple. It has effected literally millions of lives. It had been calling to this young girl since the day she saw its picture, and now she was finally there. I could only stand by and imagine the immense gratitude this young girl must have felt to finally have arrived here. I think we should be more grateful for having The Lord's House so close to us.