Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Sunday, May 4, 2008

Find it

As the semester ends, time flings us all into yet another scorching work-and-play filled summer. Although I expect this summer to be very rewarding, it doesn't bring as much anticipation as the last two summers. I've come to understand that we all are on a never-ending search for happiness. I've thought alot about times when I have been really happy in the past. When I look at this picture, I get a surging sensation of freedom and happiness. Being completely free and alone, for three days of hopping the islands of Southeast Alaska, I came to a city that I have longed to return to ever since I set foot there. The city of Petersburg, Alaska. A small town at the foot of the massive Stakine Mountain Range. The Devil's Thumb rises 10,000 feet above the town and dwarfs the many small fishing boats that dot the harbor. No matter how mundane or redundant every day life can be, I always look back to the adventure and freedom that I felt in Alaska.