Sunday, March 30, 2008


Living in Utah, I am constantly reminded that this is some of the best snow in the world. March is an interesting month. It should be a spring month, but it just keeps wanting to be a winter month. This picture of the last day of march sums up how this winter has been. As if we already haven't had enough amazing powder days on the mountain, we might just get one more week of it. Seems too good to be true.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

"Mama said they'd take me anywhere"

I am writing on my blog instead of my journal, which I've heard some say that is a true sign of a "blogger". Ok, I admit I've been inducted into the world of internetifying my life, but I spend enough time in front of the computer, it's convenient.
A normal day, returning from work at the sizzler at about 10:30. I talked on the phone with dad for a bit as I recounted detailed memories of broken plates and stunned children watching the chards fly about the kitchen. I almost felt bad talking about it because Dad was laughing so hard and coughing from being sick I thought he might be choking. Hindsight is so awesome. The conversation evolved to the subject that constantly reminds me of one thing- Heavenly Father loves me enough to let the powers of entropy do all it can to keep my car off the road. I grow stronger with every penny I spend on that beloved ball and chain.
After talking to dad, I sat down in front of my computer to finish some newspaper ads for a 5k walk/run at UVSC. I instinctively reached for the tv remote to provide myself with some ambient noise (that usually ends up being a distraction). Right as I was about to push the power button to open the valve of filth and dirty humor, I looked at the ad, and though- "no, I'm going to finish these and do something constructive. I tossed down the remote and fished the ads in silence, then decided to go for a run (it's finally warm enough!). I prepared, stretched, strapped on my running shoes (bought in alaska at the advice of my good friends), then checked my watch right as I was leaving my apartment. 11:58 pm. A thoughtful grin. The phrase popped into my mind, "Only fools run at midnight". I was taken back to that amazing rainy night when I ran a 5k in Ketchikan with Cassidy and Tyleen. Every memory I have of Alaska brings such swells of happiness and excitement to me, it overpowers the sadness brought by nostalgia.
As I made my way over the freeway toward campus, I realized why I loved running so much in Alaska- the elevation. My lungs scream at me when I run in Utah. I ran over the freeway and ran a lap around campus. While running, I thought about happiness, or at least positive thinking. My institute lesson today taught that "I do not see the world as it is, I see it as I am". Many people develop the mindset of- "my life will finally be good when ____" (graduate, marriage, etc). This is habituated state of mind that is not cured by reaching those landmarks. One has to be positive and happy with his life now and then he will be in the habit of positive thinking no matter his situation.
As I ran, I reflected on one of the most rewarding, happy times in my life; finishing a 5 mile run in Ketchikan (at sea level), then getting cleaned up and walking the few blocks with some of my best friends to work at the Cape Fox restaurant. For some reason that specific image stands out. Why was the summer in alaska one of the happiest times in my life? Because I ran. I ran every day. I am reminded of this every time I run. Running forces the juices of optimism to flow through my body. Although a short 30 minute run is not that significant in terms of the span of my existence, it helps me to remember what is really important. Optimism, Running.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A crack in the shell

I've spent the last few days learning the language of a whole new universe- the internet. My goal is to have my website up and running by this summer. This sample of buttons on my site may be a bit disappointing to the uneducated eye, but after days of studying and learning, and a few hours of cutting and linking, I came up with this - a pretty cool example of a rollover. Watch what happens when the mouse moves over each button on the page. Once I finally got it all coded out, I sat and just watched each button as I moved the mouse over each one for about ten minutes. I'm so easily entertained it's ridiculous. I hope you can get at least some entertainment out of doing the same thing. This is my first baby step toward building an absolutely stunning website for myself and hopefully for future clients.