Monday, October 29, 2007

Back to Africa

On Saturday, Cassidy, Ruby and I took the most amazing trip to the zoo in Salt Lake. When given the choice between snowbowrding with Dad and Grace, going to a baby shower with Mom, or going to the zoo with Jerry, the answer was very clear and given with a huge grin, " a go to da zoo wid Jerry".
Ruby was so well behaved on the trip, we were all very impressed. She slowly got comfortable riding on my shoulders and spent most of the time gauging her fingers into my eyes. When Sarah saw this picture she laughed so hard and said " I'm totally blogging that!" I guess I beat her to it.
Sarah says I look like Dashboard in this picture. Freakin Sweet.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Swim in it

I am constantly blessed with the privilege to swim in the nostalgic memories of an amazing summer in Alaska. Although those present in this picture would argue that I was miserably cold during our swim across this lake, this was one of the most amazing memories I have of Alaska. Massive logs tangled along the shore of Perseverance Lake making a maze of balance beams that we followed until we came to the tips of the logs, where we proceeded to push each other into the cool water. I left my flip flops floating by the logs where I jumped in. Slicing our hands into the glassy water, we made our way to the other side, occasionally turning around to catch a last glimpse of the sun as it disappeared behind the mountains. I've never been anywhere like this in my life. We had not a single care as far as the mind could reach.